What I am doing now

Rather embarraisingly its been over 15 months since I updated this site…

There is a reason, I have been busy working on something and now I am ready to speak more openly about it.

The following video explains it in a bit more detail, but I am on a mission to help simplify dental health.
You can see my efforts at http://www.electricteeth.co.uk (UK readers) and www.electricteeth.com (USA readers).

New Beginnings

For the last 12 years I have been working for smartphone specialist Clove Technology (www.clove.co.uk)

Operating in the fast moving mobile industry have been exciting, challenging and rewarding.

I have met and communicated with so many fantastic people and gained experiences that have shaped who I am today.

Saturday 1st July 2017 will mark the start of a new beginning though. I have taken the decision to leave my role as Business Development Manager to achieve some personal goals with a greater priority being placed on these with the upcoming arrival of my first child.

It has come as a surprise to many, who saw me as the fixture and fittings of Clove having dedicated so much time. Taking the decision to leave was not easy.

I will miss many elements of the varied role, but I want to undertake an exciting, new self-employed venture centred around delivering exceptional customer value.

My passion is delivering value to others and establishing what seems to be a lost art of building long term customer relationships.

Remember the days or the stories of going to the corner shop, but paying for your goods next week, or the shop assistant knowing you by name?

It still happens, but the instances are too few and far between.

I want to rekindle this, in the online and digital era in which we now live. Just because more interactions are remote, does not mean powerful and profitable bonds cannot be formed.

As humans we desire relationships in some shape or form. Digital products have changed the way we interact and build partnerships, but this change can be used positively.

It is a big mission, but one I am keen to achieve.

I want more of us to enjoy being a valued customer or indeed giving more value to our customers.

I promote lifelong customers.

This website will be an outlet for my thoughts, opinions, personal experiences and route to help share tried, tested as well as new techniques to build lifelong customers.

I will be taking some time out to relax, enjoy family life and engage in some other business interests, but in the not too distant future, you can join me on a journey to achieve profitable relationships in business.

Until this time comes, you can follow or connect with me via any of the social networks linked to the right of this post.