Jon_Love_HeadshotBusiness has and always will rely upon a relationship between the buyer and seller.

Modern business seems to have lost the ability to facilitate deep customer relationships, despite having the most comprehensive tool sets to nourish such.

Whilst many organisations have taken advantage of technology to rapidly scale their business, in doing so, a large proportion have become faceless entities which appear interested in only their bottom line.

The bottom line is fed by a number of factors but ultimately it all leads back to transactions between a buyer and a seller.

It is those companies that focus upon this that will be tomorrow’s winners.

Having experienced first hand how such an approach can lead to a more rewarding and profitable business, it is the continued relationship building that is the fuel to my fire.

Based in Dorset in the South Coast of England, I live with my fiancee, son and my much loved Labrador.

I love the outdoors and can get lost walking through the wonderful forests and landscapes here in the south.

My passion is business, ecommerce, customer experience and technology.

From consumer electronics, to personal health and travel my experience comes from hands on involvement and by doing.

I work with clients in a variety of industries and from a range of backgrounds all with one mission, to build profitable business through strong customer relationships.